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EPB Smart Net Plus for Business

Fiber-fast Wi-Fi for small business just $25/mo.

Strong, dependable Wi-Fi is the backbone of your business internet.

Your Wi-Fi not only provides fast, flexible wireless internet connectivity — it has the power to improve productivity, enhance collaboration, engage customers and much more. But maintaining an advanced Wi-Fi network may not be your expertise.

Introducing EPB Smart Net Plus for Business — a comprehensive, small-business Wi-Fi solution professionally installed and backed by local, expert EPB Tech ProsSM support.

  • Advanced technology delivers faster speeds on every device
  • Wireless mobility enables more flexible collaboration
  • Enhanced cyber security protects users, devices and network
  • Custom guest network entices longer stays and higher sales
  • Seamless resource access increases employee productivity
  • User analytics help you enhance the customer experience

Elevate Your Business Internet With Next-Level Connectivity

Get Fast, Secure, Worry-Free Wi-Fi


Blanket every corner of your business with OpenSync mesh Wi-Fi technology delivering the area’s only 100% fiber-fast internet speeds to ensure peak performance on all connected devices — all at the same time.


Stay ahead of ever-evolving attacks with enterprise-grade AI security that instantly detects anomalies, automatically quarantines suspicious devices, and offers enhanced protection for IoT devices.


Monitor, modify and manage your Wi-Fi network with a free smartphone app that helps you protect users, retain customers and enhance productivity. Plus, anytime local technical support helps keep you in charge.

Complete Coverage

Connectivity where and when you need it most

  • Continually optimizes performance
  • Prioritizes bandwidth where it’s needed
  • Eliminates dead zones in every corner
  • Auto-steers devices toward best signal
  • Best connection on all devices, all the time
Why better Wi-Fi?

Help your internet work harder for your business

  • Ensure secure wireless connectivity
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Enable more flexible collaboration
  • Encourage longer customer visits
  • Increase sales and satisfaction
EPB Tech Pros

Worry-free expert installation and ongoing support

  • Router and access point professionally installed
  • Wi-Fi signal optimized for peak performance
  • Connect computers, POS systems printers and more
  • Basic guest Wi-Fi network configuration
  • No-cost local technical support 24/7/365

Keep tabs your Wi-Fi network in the palm of your hand!

The free WorkPass app is your one-stop command center and user information hub.

  • Network Control

    Track user activity, create profiles, assign devices, limit access, protect sensitive assets and more.

  • Employee Engagement

    Monitor employee hours and understand online activity to improve workplace productivity.

  • Business Flow

    Motion-sensing Wi-Fi tracks on-site activity to improve scheduling, modify floorplans and more.

Screenshot showing the home screen of the HomePass app.
  • Shield

    Safeguard against ever-evolving cyber threats with enterprise-grade AI technology.

  • Guest Network

    Customize a branded splash page for a password-protected guest network that delivers customer analytics.

  • User Analytics

    See how guests interact, traffic patterns, time of use and more to help enhance the customer experience.

Network Control

Create custom security profiles for distinct Secure, Employee and Guest Wi-Fi zones with their own rules and analytics to take complete charge of your Smart Net Plus for Business solution.

Secure Zone

Protect business-critical systems such as point-of-sale software, back office computers and ethernet-connected devices by controlling and monitoring access.

Employee Zone

Create employee profiles, assign devices, monitor apps, see data use, set rules and more to get a better understanding of activity and improve workplace productivity.

Guest Zone

See new and repeat guests by hour, track device counts, app times, data usage and other analytics to document how customers use your Wi-Fi network.

Network Control

Create custom security profiles for distinct Secure, Employee, and Guest Wi-Fi zones with their own rules and analytics to take complete charge of your Smart Net Plus for Business solution.

Screenshot of ProtectIQ showing the security threat monitor and user options within the app.


Enterprise-grade AI security continuously safeguards your network, guests, and business from ever-evolving attacks like phishing, malware, ransomware and more.

This always-on system immediately detects new cyberattacks and automatically isolates devices that behave outside their normal parameters to prevent threats from spreading.

Plus, motion sensing Wi-Fi helps detect unusual activity after hours to enhance physical security as well.

Screenshot of ExperienceIQ showing the ability to manage screen time, content and internet
              access from the app.

Real Time Insights

Gain insight into how customers interact with your business to help you enhance the customer experience, improve targeted advertising and explore new revenue streams.

Track peak employee Wi-Fi usage times to help keep track of individual productivity, manage connected devices, block access to inappropriate content and more.

Plus, see connected-device movement to help monitor on-site activity — such as customer interactions, business demand, and traffic flow patterns — to help you better schedule staffing, plan promotions, modify floorplans and more.

free installation and ongoing support from EPB service experts

Get connectivity that’s the backbone of your small business.

Combine the power of OpenSync mesh Wi-Fi technology and enterprise-level security with the user-friendly simplicity of a small business solution — and help your business thrive. Add EPB Smart Net Plus for Business to your EPB Fi-Speed Internet for Business for $25 more per month.