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Failsafe Redundant VLAN for multiple locations

Secure, private connection between locations

Redundant VLAN lets you connect multiple business locations together with internet delivered through multiple fiber paths for fast, secure data transfers and backups.

  • Enhanced data security with layer 2 network solution.
  • Managed fail-over with one or two up-links based on your configuration.
  • Geo-diverse fiber paths provide multiple routes to your location.
  • Faster backups and data transfers with GPON Small Jumbo Frame.
  • Service-level agreement with 99.999% port availability.
  • A flexible solution that’s easy to scale-up as your business expands.
  • Schedule a free technology assessment and receive a custom solution designed for your business.
  • No data caps, speed throttling, or additional transport fees—ever.
  • Point-to-multipoint connections without additional expense.

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