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Conference Bridge

Get a low-cost, complete conferencing solution

Conference calls made easy

  • Set up conferences from anywhere using a desktop or smartphone. Get single-click access to conference control with the CommPortal Conference widget.
  • Easy-to-­follow audio prompts and a Moderator Web Interface let you take control of your conference.
  • Lock your conference call once everyone is present, giving you better security and fewer interruptions with Roll Call.
  • See who is on the call at any time with real-time participant list updates.
  • Available in participant tiers for up to 100 participants.
  • Record all conferences through your phone or a web interface and download them in .WAV format. Easily archive or distribute via email.
  • Mute all participants for an important announcement or mute selectively as the topic requires.
  • Identify callers adding audio noise and mute or disconnect them with visual soundbar.
  • Backed by expert local customer service and technical support available 24/7/365.

All Call

Instantly call a list of participants to initiate a conference call.

Hosted Phone Solutions

Cloud-based, feature-rich systems from 1 phone to 200 with web portal.