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Energy Solutions Improve operational efficiencies with expert support
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Take control of your energy use

Our energy experts will evaluate your facilities and create custom solutions with tools and programs to help ensure your business operates as energy efficiently and safely as possible.

Internet, Energy, TV, and Phone in Chattanooga
Renewable Energy

We can help you meet your sustainability goals

Offset your energy use cost-effectively with programs that promote renewable sources.

Solar Share

Lease panels for credits

Green Switch

Buy renewables to offset

Green Flex

Buy wind RECs for credits

Our promise to you

Outdoor Lighting

Shed light on your business exterior

  • Improve safety and visibility around your business
  • Choose from a selection of energy-efficient LED lighting options
  • Professionally installed and maintained by EPB
Business Power Tracker

Better manage energy efficiency with real time data

Access precise, in-depth energy consumption data with your own online energy profiler. Use the data to drive demand, cost, sustainability and potential savings.

Asset Management

Complete inspections ensures your equipment operates efficiently.


Programs to help expand operations and employ smarter energy use.