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Emissions Support Reduce your environmental impact with our help
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Solutions to meet your sustainability goals

We'll guide you in understanding your electricity's emission footprint, providing short and long-term options to meet your sustainability goals, big or small.

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Green Switch

Purchase solar, wind & biomass to match your usage

  • Reduce your impact for as little as $2 per 200 kWh block
  • Green-e® certified in partnership with TVA
  • No upfront cost, no infrastructure and no long-term commitment
  • Support renewable green energy in our community
Green Flex

Purchase renewable energy to offset high energy consumption

  • Quickly and affordably meet business sustainability goals
  • 1-year commitment, low-cost bulk purchase (minimum of 2000 RECs)
  • Green-e® certified, renewable generation in partnership with TVA
  • Blocks of 1 MWh available for a cost of $1.50
  • Fast implementation, no sign-up fee, no infrastructure required
Green Invest

Bring new-to-the-world renewable energy to the Valley

  • Long term solution with ~20 year commitment
  • Competitive project pricing with TVA & EPB's economies of scale
  • Additional advantages with public bidding process
  • Managed by EPB & TVA for guaranteed output for decades to come

Energy Solutions

Enhance operational efficiencies with tools and expert support.

Asset Management

Complete inspections to ensure your equipment is operating efficiently