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Renewables Reduce your environmental impact with our help
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Solutions to meet your sustainability goals

We’ll help you offset the environmental impact of your energy use by taking advantage of renewable sources. Together, we’ll reach your sustainability goals, no matter how big or small.

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Green Switch

Purchase solar, wind & biomass to match your usage

  • Reduce your impact for as little as $2 per 200 kWh block
  • Green-e® certified in partnership with TVA
  • No upfront cost, no infrastructure and no long-term commitment
  • Support renewable green energy in our community
Green Flex

Purchase renewable energy to offset high energy consumption

  • Quickly and affordably meet business sustainability goals
  • 1-year commitment, low-cost bulk purchase (minimum of 2000 RECs)
  • Green-e® certified, renewable generation in partnership with TVA
  • Blocks of 1 MWh available for a cost of $1.50 per block
  • Fast implementation, no sign-up fee, no infrastructure required
Reliable power with Smart Grid

Bring renewable energy to our community with Green Invest

Looking to make a long-term investment to meet your businesses sustainability goals?

Green Invest is a proven, award-winning model that offers business and industry an effective, timely, and cost-competitive solution to aggressively meet their sustainability goals. The program matches customer driven commitments for renewable energy with new-to-the world, in-Valley renewable projects by leveraging a competitive procurement process. Businesses who partner with EPB and TVA are able to benefit from our scale and negotiating expertise in attracting a wide variety of potential renewable projects at economic prices.

Energy Solutions

Enhance operational efficiencies with tools and expert support.

Asset Management

Complete inspections to ensure your equipment is operating efficiently