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Water Heater Incentive

Get $800 back when you install a Heat Pump Water Heater

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Give your homeowners added comfort and savings with energy-efficient, heat pump water heaters.

As you know, a home's water heater can be one of the biggest energy users for a family, and installing an inefficient model can put energy costs in hot water. Make a commitment to installing energy-efficient Heat Pump Water Heaters as part of the new homes you build and get rewarded with a $800 incentive per unit.

*Rebates are now available through the EnergyRight® Residential Services program brought to you by EPB and TVA. Rebates are available on qualifying measures installed by a member of our Quality Contractor Network (QCN). Beginning October 1, 2023, QCN members must initiate your rebate claim within 30 days of completing your project by submitting qualifying measures on your behalf to TVA.

Why install Heat Pump Water Heaters?

  • They use 70% less energy to save big on energy costs*
  • Get a tax incentive of 30% of the purchase price until 2032
  • Incentives + rebates = a solid investment for less
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters last longer than conventional water heaters
  • Environmentally-friendly, producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions

*Energy Star

Available Water Heater Rebate


Heat Pump Water Heater 1,2


$800 per unit

Eligibility Requirements

1 Must be installed by an approved Quality Contractor Network member and meet EPB and TVA standards effective on installation date. All measures, except window replacement eligible for TVA program financing.

2 Must replace existing unit(s)

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What to look for in a new Heat Pump Water Heater

  • The right size – for your family (most common is 40-50 gallons)
  • Uniform Efficiency Factor (UEF) – 2.75-3.5 for heat pump water heater
  • Energy Star-certified – means its rated as the most energy efficient
  • Warranty – make sure it’s protected, including parts & labor

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