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Smart Grid helps us provide reliable power to our customers
Smart Grid Redefining reliability with America’s best Smart Grid
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Keeping your business running smoothly

Every day, the Smart Grid works to reduce downtime and keeps your business moving. Next-generation technology maximizes energy reliability and minimizes power outages for every EPB customer.

Reliable power with Smart Grid

Advancing Smart Grid technology research

By isolating geographic areas into smaller, independent “microgrids,” we are exploring new ways of utilizing Smart Grid technology to maximize reliable energy delivery.


Independent of the Smart Grid

Fully Scalable

Adapts to power needs

Storable Energy

Assists with demand reduction

America’s most reliable power

You can depend on us for maximum uptime and productivity. Here’s why — when power disruptions happen, the EPB Smart Grid jumps into action. Its automated, intuitive design monitors power delivery and reroutes electricity around problem areas in seconds.


Our promise to you


Smarter energy & connectivity solutions for our future

Through ongoing research with local and national leaders, we are developing new applications for advanced technologies to enhance quality of life in our community.

EPB Fiber Optics

Get the world’s fastest internet, complete voice and video solutions.

Asset Management

Optimize the energy-efficiency of your business.