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Helpful planting tips to avoid power lines

Different types of trees and plants grow in different ways. So making sure you plant them properly is important to ensuring they safely clear power lines and equipment.

Helpful Tips

  • Call before you dig – First call 811 and have your underground utility locations marked (at no charge!). Then be sure to notify EPB Energy, EPB Fiber Optics, gas, sewer, telephone, internet, and/or cable services at least 48 hours before you start digging.
  • Because trees grow and mature at different heights, pay special attention to where you plant each specific type in relation to power lines and poles. And, never plant trees or tall growing shrubs directly under the power lines.
  • Trees that mature to 20’ or less in height, such as Dogwoods and Crape Myrtles, are ideal. They should be planted no less than 20’ feet away from utility poles and power lines.
  • Trees that mature to 60’ or more and have wide canopies, such as Oaks and Elms, need to be planted 65’ away from utility poles and power lines.
  • Be sure not to plant climbing vines near power poles or guide wires.
  • And keep in mind, shrubs or vines planted within 3’ to the side of, or 12’ in front of, ground-mounted transformer boxes will have to be removed If access is ever needed to that equipment.
  • Trees that mature to 40’ or less, such as Birches and Spruces, need to be located 30’ away from utility poles and power lines.
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