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Resell Opportunities Expand your reach over the nation’s most robust network
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The right solution for any business model

Cost-effectively reach customers whether it’s ISP, transport through Chattanooga or last mile connectivity over the area’s only 100% fiber optic network – backed by anytime expert support.

Local service

Outstanding anytime support by our technical experts

Your connectivity is in the good hands of our expert network engineers, who deliver monitoring and dispatch services from our world-class Tier 3 Network Operations Center 24/7/365.

Network control

State-of-the-art fiber NOC

Traffic monitoring

Ensuring efficient data flow

Expert engineers

Technicians at work for you


Cost-effectively move content throughout Chattanooga

  • No one has more fiber – 9,000 miles within a 600 square mile footprint
  • Meet any need or capacity with our fiber optic network
  • Custom solutions fit your specific availability needs and demand
  • Failsafe reliability with available redundant solutions

Give your customers the nation’s most reliable network

  • Secure, low latency network ensures best performance for customers
  • Meet any need with reliable, carrier-grade capacity and availability
  • Get a competitive edge with the area’s only 100% fiber optic network
  • Custom plans specific to your needs with redundant solutions available
Last Mile Provider

Cost-efficiently serve everyone in the community

  • Serve every home and business in Chattanooga with our fiber network
  • Get the only 9,000-mile fiber network
  • Superior performance with carrier-grade capacity to meet any need
  • Customize the perfect solution with redundant service available
Application Provider

Secure, reliable application hosting and delivery

  • Maximum performance through our stable, low-latency platform
  • Handle any distribution model or need with capacity & availability
  • Benefit from our Network Operations Team of experts available 24/7/365
  • Seamless technical support frees you up to do what you do best


Get custom solutions designed by our experts & backed by 24/7 service.


Get carrier-grade performance over a high-capacity fiber network.