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Commercial Outdoor Lighting

An easy way to brighten up your business

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Valuable turnkey outdoor lighting solutions

Light up your property with outdoor lighting installed by EPB, with no upfront equipment costs – starting at around $7 per light, per month.

  • Fully-directional, energy-efficient options
  • Photocell fixtures located for optimal coverage
  • Ultra-bright LEDs shed the right amount of light
  • Two styles and five sizes of overhead lights
  • Overhead lighting fixtures installed on wood poles
  • See the current rates for each lighting option

Available Models

Illuminate doorways, loading docks, buildings and more with powerful LED lighting fixtures installed exclusively on existing EPB poles. Ask an EPB Customer Design Specialist for lease details.


Cobra Head LED

This green solution with an LED light that emits a warm orange-ish hue works great above doorways, walkways and more. Available in three different sizes.


Flood LED

The Flood LED has a sleek, modern look and its blue hue is perfect above larger doorways, loading docks, buildings and more. Available in two different sizes.

Why LED?

Brighter, more natural light that’s energy efficient

  • LED technology uses less energy to produce more light
  • LEDs do not generate heat, minimizing energy waste
  • LEDs pinpoint light, reducing losses to reflectors by up to 50%
  • LEDs are more energy efficient than previous technologies
  • LEDs last longer, reduce greenhouse gasses & contain no toxic mercury

Let us help you find the best option!

Not sure which light to choose? EPB Customer Design Specialists are experts in outdoor lighting. We’ll help you find the perfect outdoor lighting solution for any need, and budget.

Help reduce your impact with green energy solutions