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Developer Requirements Ready to power up a construction project?

We can help.

Call 423-648-1372

Set up service on your schedule with our streamlined process

Get the guidance and support you need to safely set up electric service, pass inspections, and receive certification. We’ll also help you prepare new homes for EPB Fiber Optics service. Our Electric and Fiber Designers will contact you and provide the right tools, information, and support when you need it.

Service options include:

  • Fiber Optics Wiring Guidelines and Support
  • Electric Service Consultation
  • Electrical Inspections

Supporting your efforts every step of the way

Keep your projects safe and on schedule with valuable expertise and service provided by your expert EPB Electric & Fiber Designer.

From energy-saving recommendations to underground installation and metering for permanent service, we’ll work alongside you to ensure a smooth, easy process.


Electric Service Guidelines for new construction.

Discover detailed service guidelines for the expert advice and support we provide on any type of project, every step of the way.

Establish electric service for your projects

Your EPB representative will ensure a smooth and easy process – from underground installation and metering for electric service to pre-wiring recommendations for fiber optics service.


Residential Subdivisions

Required Builder Action

Call us at 423-648-1372 and establish a pending electric account.

EPB Action & Deadline Commitment

Your assigned EPB representative will contact you and serve as your primary contact throughout the process.


Multi-Dwelling Units

Required Builder Action

Provide us with your site plan (should include easement & meter locations, type of heating, and square footage).

EPB Action & Deadline Commitment

We will determine the appropriate equipment necessary and supply service.


Commercial Services

Required Builder Action

Let your EPB representative know when your site is at final grade, prior to driveway paving.

EPB Action & Deadline Commitment

We will excavate & backfill the trench and install the meter on the house.

Not sure if you need an inspection? We can help.

If you’re powering a new home, reconnecting after a year without power, installing new meter centers or wiring, local law will likely require you to pass electrical service inspection before we can switch on the power for you.

Call the appropriate number below to schedule an inspection, if needed. Once approved, let us know and we’ll continue the process of delivering service. See below to determine who you should call, depending on your location.



Get your energy checkup in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Working to prevent power outages in Chattanooga at EPB

Call before you dig

Any time you dig underground, you might be at risk of damaging buried utility lines. Before you dig, call your state’s One Call System to make sure you won’t hit any underground power, gas, water, or phone lines.

Don’t skip this step! It’s quick, easy, and could prevent costly or hazardous accidents.

To dig in Tennessee

Call 1-800-351-1111

To dig in Georgia

Call 1-800-282-7411

Trenching Guidelines

for digging and backfilling required electric service trenches.

Fiber Optics Guidelines

for preparing your homes for optimized EPB Fiber Optics service.