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Power for your business

Working with TVA, EPB provides very competitive energy rates. We also provide free expertise and services to help you maximize your company’s ROI for the power you use.

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Understanding your commercial energy bill

If you have questions about your commercial energy bill or want to take advantage of EPB’s free business services to help you get the most value for the energy you use, please contact EPB Commercial Energy Services.

Your company’s commercial energy bill is calculated using the following components:

  • Commercial Rate Class – Business customers are categorized among different rate classes based on the magnitude of their energy use. You can find your rate class in the upper right-hand corner of your bill.
  • Kilowatt hours used – The total number of kilowatt hours of power your company used during the billing cycle.
  • Kilowatt hour rate – The rate charged per kilowatt hour. This varies among rate classes.
  • Fuel Cost Adjustment – TVA adjusts this multiplier each month to reflect the current market cost of the fuel (coal and natural gas) used to generate power. The Fuel Cost Adjustment varies among rate classes.
  • Demand Charge – All but the smallest commercial energy customers also pay a demand charge which reflects metered demand each month. This varies among rate classes.

Commercial Energy Rate Information

Monthly Fuel Cost Adjustment

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Support renewable energy in the Tennessee Valley

With TVA's help, over 55% of the energy we provide is carbon free. Help reduce greenhouse gases with fuel sources that create less waste & pollution.

Solar Generation

Absorb the sun’s energy

Wind Energy

Capture air propulsion

Methane Gas

Use clean natural fuel

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Earn credits for adjusting time of use

Large companies can earn credits for adjusting time of use. Interruptible demand credits are available to businesses with demand of 1,000-5,000 kW in exchange for suspending specified energy usage within 5 to 30 minutes’ notice.

Paperless Billing

Go paperless & get a one-time credit of $10 per account

  • Receive your bill online – no more paper clutter
  • Get email reminders when your payment is due
  • Choose your payment method – online, phone, or mail
  • Set up auto-pay for even greater convenience
  • An environmentally friendly option that helps save trees

Energy Solutions

Enhance operational efficiencies with tools and expert support.

Asset Management

Complete inspections ensures your equipment operates efficiently.